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I designed this program for women who’ve always known they were a little “too much” for the regular 9-5 grind. For women who dream of the same jet-setter lifestyle I have now – full of freedom, flexibility & fabulous shoes. And women who want to make a big difference in the world by playing full out, by using their gifts and talents.

So, if you are:

  • A new coach or experienced coach devoted to meaningful work but not seeing the results (read: revenue, engagement or high-paying clients) you deserve.
  • Sure you’re not meant to blend in – but don’t know exactly what makes you different in the sea of coaches. 
  • Committed to having it all, but don’t want to have to sacrifice your health or family time to make it happen.

Then the Signature Life® Coaching Academy is for you.


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The Signature Life® Coaching Academy teaches you the exact signature strategies I used to go from selling coaching sessions for $27 to making $500K in 18 months. Thanks to my Ph.D. background, I wholeheartedly believe in the power of a solid strategy. That's why SLCA is designed to teach you how to create your own authentic marketing strategy and the practical steps you'll need to take every single day to execute it properly. Which means? You can (finally) stop the guessing game and know that what you're focusing on actually works, every single day!



  • Change your mindset around money and the blocks that prevent you from receiving abundance.
  • Become fearless and learn how to shift limiting beliefs and boost your confidence.
  • Clear any and all energetic blocks holding you back.
  • Know how to keep yourself together through the rough patches of life, business, marriage, you name it.
  • Learn how to build a business based on how you want to feel & your truest desires.
  • Master the art of hustling the feminine way like a true #girlboss.
  • Overcome the self-doubt around building your business & fear of not being enough as a professional.


  • Identify your top money-making (aka the best income/sales generating) activities in your specific business.
  • Know exactly what to focus on the most when you don't have time to focus on everything.
  • Learn how to prioritize your money-generating activities for maximum progress instead of fliping from activity to activity.
  • Define in which order to do things so you can do less but better and manage your time like a rockstar.


  • Learn all the behind-the-scenes stuff of a successful business –email providers, payments, landing pages, membership sites, and so much more.
  • Learn which legal things to take care of, including contracts and protection.
  • Know exactly how to manage your projects and what tools to use to structure your business life.


  • Get clear on who you want to coach & find the frontburner problem of your ideal client.
  • Know where to look to find clients for your programs and courses.
  • Get that magic first client without asking friends and family.
  • Find consistent paying clients and get rockstar testimonials.
  • Communicate the value of your work so clients perceive you as an expert.
  • Make sure your materials/challenges/other marketing is getting in front of the right people.
  • Grow your following with raving fans fast.


  • Crack the secret code of pricing (aka set a price that will sell!).
  • Package your offerings to give your clients exactly what they expect of you.
  • Stop doubting whether people will want what you have to offer.
  • Learn how to make people believe that your course has a lot of value.
  • Create a signature name for your programs to convert prospects to clients.
  • Learn how to structure signature packages to make competition irrelevant.


  • Know what to do to be different and show your uniqueness while being yourself online in the saturated market of coaches to convince your ideal clients that you're the best choice for them (aka how YOU can earn big money when there are thousands doing the same thing!).
  • Learn step-by-step how to launch an online course & fill it with paying clients (no more guessing whether you should promote on social media, run a webinar or a challenge, write blogs, or do all of it!).
  • Learn how to write motivational content for your newsletters and blog posts so they’re personable and relatable (plus learn all about the techy side of things: MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, automation, funnels, you name it).
  • Know exactly what system to use to set up your free gift/newsletter so that you can build your list and your Facebook group.
  • Build your email list with the right prospects that convert.
  • Design and implement a killer sales funnel.
  • Make passive/residual income if you desire (I've only taught this to my private clients before!).


  • Create a boutique signature brand that will make you stand out & help you cash in.
  • Design a beautiful website that will attract your ideal clients and convert.
  • Write a killer copy for your website, sales, opt-in page that appeals to your clients.


  • Set up a winning social media strategy to get visible even if you are afraid, including Facebook & Instagram marketing.
  • Get more visible and get in front of the right clients without having to spend a fortune on ads or boosts.


  • Decipher what a prospect or client is actually saying with their responses.
  • Convert prospects to clients during/after the discovery call.


  • Discover how to find dream team members to help you with your business.
  • Learn how to hire them & what to pay.


  • Master the coaching skills of top coaches to become the superstar coach & go-to expert in your field.
  • Learn how to coach, and what kind of questions to ask to help your clients get the transformation they have paid for.
  • Learn how to structure your coaching sessions.



Weekly support from Daria and my mastermind group of like-minded women brought my business and my life to the next level. I revamped my website, I defined my new ideal client and booked already 2 new clients. If you are ready for great change in your life and business, sign up for this program, it's absolutely worth every single penny!

- Alena Hielema, Business Coach



What I love the most is that Daria has treated herself like a woman first and hasn't killed herself to be really successful. I trust myself more than I ever have. I'm more confident and empowered than I ever have been. I'm a woman that I love to be and I wasn't expecting to become a better person through the program, and I am. I also sold my first package, which is really awesome. 

- Lizzie Lipovsky, Online Visibility Confidence Coach



Every success story of my clients that you see on this page started from hours of scrolling Facebook and posting in Facebook groups hearing crickets, from undercharging for their services, from multiple no's on the discovery calls, from the limited & fear-based mindset, and from the lack of a solid marketing strategy resulting in a million of unnecessary activities, wasted time and money.

Since I was able to help them turn all of the above into successful businesses, every single module workbook, and bonus resource at the Signature Life® Coaching Academy was intentionally designed to give you the best proven content you need to make it work this time, so you can finally build a life and a coaching business of your dreams.

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  • 24 beautiful workbooks loaded with everything you need and nothing you don’t – including all plug and play templates, checklists and extra resources (no more guessing or ‘making it up’ as you go.)


  • Inspiring and instructional videos and trainings to lift you up along the way.


  • A “behind-the-scenes” look at my multiple 6-figure business - including my own personal templates for high-converting newsletters and sales funnels (all you have to do is swipe, copy & cash in – no copyright!), actual recordings of real life coaching calls (and one discovery call replay!) to learn how to coach and improve your coaching skills, plus an exclusive recording of my high-converting webinar.

Bonus resources

  • Bonus video tutorials on scheduling, time-tracking for high productivity, all things tech, influencer marketing, live events, survey forms, creating gorgeous workbooks, using Photoshop & Canva, choosing a CRM system (Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign?), LeadPages (plus SO much more!)




  • Erica Lee Strauss – Web copywriter & writerpreneur who helps trendy (and wicked-cool) women biz owners write copy that “sounds like you & makes sales, too”.


  • Kylie Slavik – Digital Marketing Expert focused on sales and conversions through story and connection. Her pioneered Facebook Ad methods generated close to 2 million dollars in the 2 years she was doing them.


  • Sarah Lorenz – Social Media Strategist for Coaches.


  • Jordana Jaffe - Facebook Group Strategist for inspired introverts.


  • Anjelica Dezel - Web designer and brand strategist who specializes in luxe branding and website creation for female entrepreneurs with a special focus on optimizing websites for maximum clients and email list subscribers (because she believes a website should be as strategic as it is beautiful).


  • Megan LaRussa Chenoweth - Founder of Style Yourself Chic & a leading style coach empowering women to dress for the life they desire.


  • Vanessa Adams - World-class branding photographer making branding photos for nearly all of my students.


  • Rachel McMichael - The Techspert™ for women in online business. Through her Website Design & Ad Agency and Self Study Courses, she’s here to show you how managing the tech in your online business can feel like having coffee with your best friend!


  • Brittany Becher - Sales and marketing automation strategist and CEO of Scoop Industries with over 10 years experience working with 7-figure online companies and the biggest brands in the world.


  • Genavieve Shingle Jaffe - Amazing Sparkly Lawyer Extraordinaire.


  • Emily Fletcher - Founder of Ziva Meditation and the creator of zivaMIND, the world’s first online training aimed at making meditation attractive and accessible to people ready to up-level their performance and lives.
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The Signature Life® Coaching Academy will teach you everything you need (and nothing you don’t) to stand out, make money, and impact the world.  The tested & proven content includes everything that got me from selling $27 sessions on my bathroom floor to banking $500k in just 18 months. My approach is very holistic – so we will look at everything from A to Z – business & marketing, mindset, and even energy because you want to build a one-of-a-kind coaching business that's just as unique as you are!

We know you don’t buy just anything – and that’s why we’ve poured so much value & love into our content. My clients always say I under-promise and over-deliver. Think of SLCA like the Kate Spade of coaching programs – it's fresh, fun, unique and functional. Because we take your investment very seriously, we invite you to take a look at a detailed overview of what we cover in the Signature Life® Coaching Academy below.




Week 1

Master Your Self-Talk

Boost Your Confidence

Develop the #girlboss Mindset

  • 10x your confidence so you can go for what you REALLY want (because if you want it, it's meant for you – period!).
  • Adopt the #girlboss mindset to stop being a slave girl.
  • Stop waiting to be happy “one day” & start loving life now.
  • Discover how to flip the script on whatever’s holding you back (& stop self-sabotaging your success!).

Week 2

Define Pleasurable Terms of Success

Master Signature “Time Management”

Create a Support System for Your Success

  • Discover why (and how) you MUST put your desires first – no matter what.
  • Learn how to tap into your feminine energy & open up the channels of abundance so money flows in.
  • Stay crazy-productive & efficient (and stop procrastination) with my signature time management tools.
  • Find the only two team members you need to hire to start making 5-figure months (I’ll tell you exactly where & how!).

Week 3

Uncover Your Money Story & Remove Your Money Blocks

Raise Your Wealth Consciousness

Adopt Success Mindset & Stop Self-Sabotage

  • Don’t make the #1 mistake all struggling entrepreneurs make that keeps them broke, overwhelmed & miserable.
  • Discover what’s blocking your success and what you need to do to breakthrough in 3 simple steps.
  • Learn the mindset secrets of millionaires (& the most successful #girlbosses).
  • Shift your money story & crack the cap on your monthly income.
  • Erase fears of rejection, self-doubt, putting your true voice out there and feeling like a fraud fast.

Week 4

#ChampagneWeek Time Off

  • Take a break to recharge and rejuvenate because we believe in #girlbosshustle - hustling the feminine way.
  • Catch up on the previous modules.
  • Zero overwhelm policy - add ease and space to your life.


  • My signature morning & evening “money attraction” tool that magnetizes money to me every single day.
  • Abundance meditation and money checklist.
  • My personal self-confidence formula.
  • Signature goal cards.
  • Desktop and phone success mindset screensavers.
  • My signature client templates: including my client contract, Welcome Pack & pre- & post-coaching forms.
  • SCRUM template: How to use SCRUM to create more time in your life.
  • ZivaMind Meditation with Emily Fletcher.
  • My selective list of must-read books for women ready to radically uplevel.
  • Bonus video tutorials:
    • Using Pinterest and Canva to create a vision board that works.
    • How to schedule in Google calendar to schedule your business around your life and not vice versa.
    • How to be productive with Toggl.



Week 1

Build Your Freedom-Based Business

Choose a Profitable Business Model

Must-Have Systems to Wow New Clients

  • Discover how to build your lifestyle around the business you want (not vice versa!).
  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of putting together a profitable business model (this will add SO much value to your offerings – promise!).
  • Uncover the must-have systems to have in place BEFORE you sign new clients.

Week 2

Define Your Signature Element in Business

Identify What Sets You Apart from the Crowd

Maximize Your Story to Attract Your Ideal Clients with Ease

  • Get confident & clear on your message & big WHY – and make your competition irrelevant (#sorrynotsorry).
  • Stop making the #1 mistake that leads to coaches going broke (read: when you get confident & clear on this, it changes everything).
  • Build a solid community of super-loving fans by leveraging your personal story & owning your true voice without fear.

Week 3

Define Your Target Market

Get Specific and Clear On Your Ideal Client

  • Define your ideal client, what they (really) want and how you can serve them.
  • Learn my Signature Element Formula – easily figure out now what sets you apart & makes you unique so you can be a flamingo in the sea of coaches & magnetize clients you love!

Week 4

#ChampagneWeek Time Off

  • Take a break to recharge and rejuvenate because we believe in #girlbosshustle - hustling the feminine way.
  • Catch up on the previous modules.
  • Zero overwhelm policy - add ease and space to your life.


  • Legal Training with Gena Jaffe.
  • My selective list of books to read for personal uplevel.
  • Bonus video tutorials:
    • How to use scheduling platforms (Calendly and Acuity).
    • How to use Zoom.
    • How to use Dropbox.



Week 1

Market Research 101: How to Sign Paying Clients ASAP

  • Get to know your ideal clients better than they know themselves – so you can speak their language & close more sales.
  • Do market research the “right’ (& fun!) way, so ideal clients practically run to grab their credit cards every time you make an offer.
  • Discover exactly where to find your ideal clients.
  • Find out exactly what your ideal clients will pay for (so you launch to cash vs. crickets!).

Week 2

Package & Design Your Irresistible Offerings

Price Your Packages Smart

  • Discover my best-kept secrets for building a boutique coaching business that’s different than any other.
  • Learn my fail-proof formula for packaging your talents into irresistible high-converting signature offerings.
  • Define your unique signature system & feel radically confident about the transformation you provide your clients.
  • Learn how to price your packages so ideal clients buy without batting an eyelash (or making you feel like you’re asking too much).

Week 3

Get Your First Paying Clients

Your Stellar Social Media Strategy

  • Book a new, high-end client by next week with just a few simple high-payoff tasks (work smarter, not harder!).
  • Set up stellar marketing systems that consistently reach (& sell to) your ideal clients.
  • Avoid wasting all day in Facebook groups with nothing to show for it – learn the exact daily steps I use to get the highest ROI in the least amount of time.
  • End social media overwhelm – figure out what & how much to post (more is not always better!).

Week 4

#ChampagneWeek Time Off

  • Take a break to recharge and rejuvenate because we believe in #girlbosshustle - hustling the feminine way.
  • Catch up on the previous modules.
  • Zero overwhelm policy - add ease and space to your life.


  • How to get clients from Facebook masterclass by Jordana Jaffe.
  • Sarah Lorenz guest expert training on social media.
  • Facebook plus Instagram with Beth G. Harper.
  • Curating Instagram on-brand.
  • Social media scheduling platforms.
  • Social Media Planner & calendar.
  • My selective list of must-read books for women ready to radically uplevel.
  • Bonus video tutorials:
    • How to use Facebook for market research.
    • How to get yourself Facebook ready.
    • How to create editable PDF’s.



Week 1

Prepare for a Successful Discovery Call

Master Sales Conversations

Overcome Objections

Master Post-Call Sales

  • Avoid “hopping on the phone” with peeps only looking for free coaching with my signature discovery call prep toolkit.
  • Access my real-life (and highly unique) discovery call script so you know exactly what to say & not to say to sell – without sounding pushy, icky, or salesy.
  • Learn to lead powerful & confident sales convos – & easily overcome objections like, “I don’t have the money,” “I need to think about it,” or “I need to talk to my husband.”
  • Effortlessly turn a “no” into a, “Yes, I want it! Take all my money!” with one killer technique.

Week 2

Design Your Signature Iconic Brand

Master Storytelling & Copywriting

  • Create a memorable signature brand that feels 100% “like you.”
  • Translate your passion & message into compelling, on-brand copy – using the language of your ideal clients (yep, you can let them do the work for you!).
  • Learn “The Art of Storytelling” & discover how uber-successful companies like Apple use story to attract people & get them hooked!

Week 3

Learn the Secrets of Signature Branding Photoshoot

Your Stellar Website & Memorable Online Presence

  • Create your dream website from scratch with my powerful design & copy templates.
  • Learn how to (easily) write the only pages your website needs to bring in #alltheclients.
  • Set up calls to action on your site to stop leaving major money on the table.
  • Get all my secrets to a powerful, on-point online presence that turns readers into buyers (& loyal, raving fans).

Week 4

#ChampagneWeek Time Off

  • Take a break to recharge and rejuvenate because we believe in #girlbosshustle - hustling the feminine way.
  • Catch up on the previous modules.
  • Zero overwhelm policy - add ease and space to your life.


  • Discovery call affirmations so you feel confident on your next discovery call.
  • Recording of a discovery call roleplay.
  • "Selling is Caring" masterclass by Paul Zest.
  • Kylie Slavik guest expert training on storytelling.
  • Megan LaRussa guest expert training on styling your personal brand.
  • Anjelica Dezel guest expert training on web design.
  • Vanessa Adams guest expert training on branding photoshoot.
  • Branding shoot guide exclusively prepared for you by Vanessa Adams.
  • My selective list of must-read books for women ready to radically uplevel.
  • Bonus video tutorials:
    • How to use Photoshop.
    • How to open a professional email account.
    • How to build a website with Squarespace.



Week 1

Write Your Signature Sales Page

  • Get a behind-the-scenes breakdown of my signature sales page formula.
  • Discover the elements needed to turn every sales page into a cash-money machine (honey).
  • Learn hot-button words you can use on your sales page so they actually sell.
  • Access my fill-in-the-blank sales page template.

Week 2

Create Your Irresistible Opt-In

Design a High-Converting Landing Page

  • Create a signature opt-in to pump up your list with leads (while you catch your ‘beauty Zz’s!).
  • Discover how to create an opt-in that builds your brand & your know, like & trust factor fast.
  • Structure your freebie so it delivers small wins & people rave about it!
  • Create a high-converting landing page with my step-by-step video guide (I’m talking over 60% – industry average is just 20%!).

Week 3

Master Newsletter Writing to Engage Your Subscribers

Build Your Sales Funnel That Sells

  • Swipe my fill-in-the-blank sales funnel template that helps me bank 5-figure months.
  • Write & send compelling newsletters people literally can’t wait to open, read and buy from (no more hearing crickets from your list!).

Week 4

#ChampagneWeek Time Off

  • Take a break to recharge and rejuvenate because we believe in #girlbosshustle - hustling the feminine way.
  • Catch up on the previous modules.
  • Zero overwhelm policy - add ease and space to your life.


  • Erica Lee Strauss guest expert training on copywriting.
  • Sales Page Starter Kit.
  • Rachel McMichael guest expert training on all things tech.
  • My top newsletter & solo-mailer examples and templates.
  • Email Content Calendar.
  • Brittany Becher guest expert training on email marketing and sales automation.
  • My selective list of must-read books for women ready to radically uplevel.
  • Bonus video tutorials:
    • How to easily create a high-converting opt-in page in Leadpages.
    • What CRM to choose: MailChimp or ActiveCampaign?
    • How to use ActiveCampaign.
    • How to use MailChimp.



Week 1

Grow Your List

Master Email Marketing

  • Turn everyone on your list into a loving, trusting customer.
  • Get “out there” in your own signature way & inspire dream clients to reach out right away with my stress-free daily visibility activities.
  • Find & confidently communicate with your ideal clients.
  • Get fully booked with discovery calls (I booked 16 discovery calls in just 5 days with this technique!).
  • How often should you email your list to create adoring fans & not annoyed unsubscribers? I’ll break it all down.

Week 2

Run Your High-Converting Livestream Challenge To Sign Paying Clients

  • Learn how to run successful Livestreaming challenges again & again.
  • Get my best-kept secrets for rocking your live videos (even if they freak you out like crazy right now!).
  • Understand how to use challenges to establish your credibility & expert status, build awesome (& real) relationships with your prospects & explode your list.

Week 3

Run Your High-Converting Webinar To Sign Paying Clients

  • Run free webinars that make people want to work with you right now vs. next year (I sold out all of my programs this way!).
  • Structure your webinars to turn more viewers into delighted buyers easily.

Week 4

#ChampagneWeek Time Off

  • Take a break to recharge and rejuvenate because we believe in #girlbosshustle - hustling the feminine way.
  • Catch up on the previous modules.
  • Zero overwhelm policy - add ease and space to your life.


  • FB ads guide.
  • FB ads tracking template.
  • My re-engagement email templates.
  • Email stats template: What numbers you have to pay attention to.
  • A recording of my high-converting webinar.
  • My selective list of must-read books for women ready to radically uplevel.
  • Bonus video tutorials:
    • Zoom vs. GoToWebinar: What platform to choose?
    • How to use InstantTeleseminar.



Week 1

Master Coaching Skills

  • Master core coaching skills that will massively uplevel your game.
  • See how I structure my coaching sessions.
  • Create win-win boundaries that give you MORE freedom & your clients better results.
  • Learn my personal “coaching best practices” & get the exclusive list of powerful questions I use with my own clients.

Week 2

Launch Your First Group Program

  • Learn everything you need to know to launch a successful group program, from A-Z.
  • Map out your signature launch following my exact launch sequence (this helps me sell out ALL of my group programs!).

Week 3

Create a Passive Income Product Easily Without Any Extra Work

  • Be smart with your content – learn how to repurpose it into passive income product.
  • Learn the do’s and dont’s of info products and self-study courses.
  • Put systems in place to ensure people looooove your passive products (& you have less work!).

Week 4

#ChampagneWeek Time Off

  • Take a break to recharge and rejuvenate because we believe in #girlbosshustle - hustling the feminine way.
  • Catch up on the previous modules.
  • Zero overwhelm policy - add ease and space to your life.


  • Exclusive recording of 3 real life coaching sessions.
  • Master Your Coaching Skills Masterclass to give you all the (now, not-so) secrets of world-class coaches.
  • Influencer Marketing 101 bonus video training.
  • How To Do Live Events bonus video training.
  • My selective list of books to read for personal uplevel.
  • Bonus video tutorials:
    • Video editing & Screenflow tutorial so that tech doesn't stop you from success anymore.



Week 1

Master the Art of Sales & Powerful Negotiations To Rock Discovery Calls

  • Nail your discovery call sales strategy.
  • Learn the top systems and tools for automating the sales process.
  • Get the full scoop on how to psychologically (& ethically) positively influence your client.

Week 2

Master Your Mental Resilience

Stay Committed to Your Dreams

Keep Using Your Desires To Drive You Moving Forward

  • Kiss self doubt and mental ruts goodbye.
  • Learn my ultimate techniques for staying fired up, focused and committed to your dreams!
  • Develop the mental resilience & perseverance boss babes need to get big results.
  • Stay high-vibe and positive even when things don’t go your way.

Week 3

Putting It All Together

Define Your Strategy & Next Steps

Celebrating All Your Achievements

  • Learn my best techniques for working smarter, not harder.
  • Avoid the ugly mistakes most newbie coaches make when delegating and hiring help (read: learn how to NOT get burned while building your biz!).
  • Learn how to ALWAYS make the right decisions and choices EVEN when in doubt.

Week 4

#ChampagneWeek Time Off

  • Take a break to recharge and rejuvenate because we believe in #girlbosshustle - hustling the feminine way.
  • Catch up on the previous modules.
  • Zero overwhelm policy - add ease and space to your life.


My experience has been incredible. The Signature Life® Coaching Academy has changed my life. I have created this gorgeous group of friends. I have become so close with everyone, and that is so important. I have learned so much in just a few months about coaching, about business, and I have already reached levels that I never thought I would reach. Oh, I didn't even know what kind of coach I wanted to be in the beginning. 

- Michelle Ohana, Intuitive Story Coach



The Signature Life® Coaching Academy has given me focus in what I do with my business, it's put me in touch with a community of female entrepreneurs who drive the change around the world, and it has challenged me to think differently and push myself and scale beyond what I was traditionally doing. If you are a consultant, or a coach, joining SLCA will give you the biggest kick that you could potentially imagine and you should just do it.

- Catherine Williams-Treloar, Business Consultant